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Large Luxury Patient Pamper Hamper – Sleep Complete, Self Care and Store Plus


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Are you going into hospital? Or has a loved one been admitted suddenly? Are you not able to visit? Do you know what to take in or send in as a gift?

Our founder Kat has spent a lot of time in hospital, during this time she has curated a ‘go bag’, she has a collection of products that she always takes with her, developed from the year’s Kat has spent as a “Professional Patient”. This Medium Luxury Pamper Hamper encapsulates everything you or your loved one will need to aid sleep, self-care and provides storage, so what can be a difficult and often stressful time, is just that bit more comfortable and luxurious. We also offer Pamper Hampers with our Small Sleep, Self-Care option and our Medium Sleep Complete, Self-Care and Store option, find out more in our shop.

What do you need to know?

All our sewn products in this hamper are handmade with the finest Liberty® and other similar quality fabric by our inclusive seamstress

Our Hand Cream and Lipslave are handmade from natural products by local suppliers based near us in County Durham, UK and have been tried and tested by our team.

All other products have been selected based on their ease of use, softness and comfort.

What’s in the Hamper?

  • Liberty Blackout Eyemask  -To Aid Sleep -Helps to block out the overhead lights and general brightness that come with being in hospital.
  • Liberty & Bamboo Terry Wash Cloth -For Self-Care – hospital disposable dry wipes are so rough & add to landfill issues. Our cloth is reusable, antimicrobial and fast-drying bamboo fabric, making self-care comfortable and convenient.
  • Wet Wipes -For Self-Care -You will find these so helpful to keep you fresh when you don’t have the energy, especially when you don’t feel well.
  • Tissues -For Self-Care– Keeping those sniffles and tears cared for with soft Bamboo tissues kind to your nose and skin.
  • Anti Bac Hand Gel -For Self-Care– Anti Bacterial hand wash in hospitals is effective but can be harsh on the skin, our hand gel with Aloe Vera is kind on your hands with the same cleaning power.
  • Humble Bee Mango Honey Hand Cream -For Self-Care -Hospitals are warm dry places, our handmade cream will help to stop your skin from drying out. Made locally by Humble Honey Bee.
  • Sage & Me Lip Balm -For Self-Care -Dry chapped lips are common in hospitals, especially if you are on oxygen, our handmade balm with organic cocoa seed butter and beeswax will leave your lips feeling soft and moisturised. Made locally by Sage & Me.
  • Ear Plugs -To Aid Sleep -From beeping machines to snoring patients hospitals are noisy places, our super soft high-density foam earplugs should help to block out the noise and assist with getting needed rest.
  • Bonus Lavender BagTo Aid Sleep and Self-Care – Every hamper comes with a bonus lavender bag, that helps to cover over some of the unusual smells you will find in the hospital and can aid sleep and relaxation.
  • Wash/Storage BagTo Store -Somewhere to store the contents of the hamper and other personal effects to keep your side table tidy and organised, 100% Cotton
  • Laundry BagTo Store -A bag that can be put straight in the wash with the dirty laundry in it, reducing cross-contamination. The clean bag can also be used to deliver fresh clothes back to the hospital, 100% cotton


  • Matching Liberty Pillow Case -To Aid Sleep -Our founder has always taken her own soft pillowcases into hospital to be more comfortable, enjoy the same feeling and smells from home with this beautifully handmade 100% luxury cotton. pillowcase.
  • Jute Bag to Match Wash Bag –To Store – As you get stronger you may want to escape the ward, our durable jute bag is small enough to be easy to carry but big enough to carry back some treats to the ward!

Would you love to know how to order yours?

Just add this product to your basket, checkout and spoil yourself or your loved ones, 3 simple steps.

But don’t forget this pack can be sent directly to your loved one in the hospital with a personalised get well note, please ensure you leave us a message if you would like this option and select ship to a different address option on checkout.


Blue Peacock, China Blue, Jade Fan, Pink Floral, Poppy Field, William Morris


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