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The Journey of Seated Sewing...

My name is Kat and I am the founder and Chief Seamstress of Seated Sewing.

Since I was a little girl, I have been surrounded by strong, creative women. Between my grandmother and mother, I was taught to sew at a young age. I discovered a real passion for it and over the years I have applied my skills to a variety of sewn goods.

However, over ten years ago my life changed forever…

I sustained a spinal injury which left me in a wheelchair permanently. Over the course of the years following this, my health suffered many setbacks and left me with other medical complications. This is includes living with a permanent catheter, a peg for feeding and a colostomy. All of this external plumbing rubs against the skin and subsequently causes discomfort and pain. There was nothing available on the UK market (that didn’t involve sticky tape or had cartoons printed on them!) to deal with this specifically and so I was inspired to create practical solutions myself.

Every one of my products have been created and road tested with the purpose of giving practical comfort but at the same time is aesthetically pleasing. We also offer a variety of fabrics to ensure customers can express their personalities freely. The weighted sensory items we produce came from my son having Autism & ADHD, these products calm him down so much we wanted to make them available to other parents.

With all of this said, I approach my disability with as much positivity as I can and embrace the world around me. Through my experience, I want to help enable others to have a similar approach while also offering practical solutions to the discomfort than can be caused by disabilities.

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